Tottenham Security

At Alliance Security, we take pride in being an independent security company offering comprehensive services in Tottenham. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is the foundation of our operations, motivating us to provide personalised, adaptable, and reliable security solutions. We cater to the diverse needs of businesses throughout London and its surrounding areas.

Local Experts

With our extensive experience working in London, we have gained invaluable insight into security in Tottenham, enabling us to understand the unique needs of your community and beyond.


Your security needs are our top priority, and our personalised approach ensures a bespoke service for every client.

Record of Success

With nearly 40 years of experience providing security in Tottenham, we have established our reputation as the preferred choice for security-conscious professionals across various industries.

manned guarding services
Alliance Security securing a reception
Alliance Security consulting about security solutions
Alliance Security offers Security Consultancy

Our specialist areas of security in Tottenham

We proudly partner with clients across diverse sectors delivering security in Tottenham

  • Government
  • Corporate
  • Healthcare
  • Educational Establishments
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial & Commercial Property
  • Residential & Estate Security
  • Military Contracts
  • Local Authority & Housing Associations
  • Construction
  • Private Clients


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